Cooling capacity

kW 4
  • Compact dimensions
  • Efficient and suitable also for processing activities
  • Easy to install and to use

Monobloc air cooled chillers

The MINI CHILLER is an air cooled water chiller. The unit is equipped with hydronic kit provided plant side and uses a new regulation device that allows optimal operation of the unit. The hydronic kit, ready to use, facilitates the installation operations, reducing its spaces and the related costs. In addition, it avoids useless heat dispersion towards the outside.

Invented an designed for industrial application “open vessel”, the unit is very adaptable to the movement, considering its compact dimensions and the presence of pivotal wheels.

A system specfically studied for this type of application, which involves the evaporator immersed inside the tank, guarantees the highest level of efficiency reducing considerably the heat dispersions towards the outside and, at the same time, gives more stability to the temperature of the process fluid.

The units are mounted on selfsupporting frame galvanised steel made complete with removable panelling, entirely painted with stovedried polyester powder colour RAL 9018.

Rotary hermetic compressor of a leading brand, able to ensure high efficiency and, at the same time, a low noise and vibration level, with refrigerant R410A. Installed on anti-vibration supports and provided with heat protection to protect the motor.