Cooling capacity

kW 192,9 ÷ 322,3

Heating capacity

kW 234,4 ÷ 391,4
  • High-efficiency heat pump
  • R410A Multiscroll unit
  • High efficiency at partial loads
  • Optional internal hydronic kit
  • Low noise level
  • Available in a STD or SUPERSILENT (SLN) version
  • Standard RS485 card
  • Wide range of accessories (optional)
  • Robust and well-finished metalwork

Air cooled reversible heat pump

The ZENIT PLUS is a High efficiency air cooled reversible heat pumps for outdoor installations with scroll compressors.

Available in a wide range of models with multi-compressor and cooling capacity 230 up to 390 kW. All units are equipped with scroll compressors, with refrigerant R410A and are designed for optimal energy efficiency, particularly high operating at partial loads.
The compactness and the presence of a wide range of equipments and accessories, allow the use of the Zenit Plus units in any plant environment

All standard models have the compressors assembled into a soundproofed compartment. The noise emission is very low and it is in compliance with the required normal standard. For particularly low noise requirements, a Low Noise version (SLN) is available. In addition to strengthening insulation of the compressor compartment, low speed fans and increased heat exchange surfaces are used in order to ensure high energy efficiency.

Both standard and Low Noise version, can be integrated with options that allow adaptability to various needs of plants character.

Among the most used we remember:

  • Water section with single pump P1;
  • Water section with double pumps P2;
  • Water section with pump (single or double) and buffer tank AP1 – AP2; pumps type HP also available APH1 – APH2;
  • Buffer tank to be connected in series to the user plant or, with 4 connections, in order to be used as hydronic separator between the unit and the user plant.
  • Partial heat recovery HRP;
  • Electronic thermostatic valve.