Heating capacity

kW 6,7÷ 107,7
  • Compact dimensions
  • Load-bearing and robust structure
  • Optional hydronic kit included
  • Low noise level

Geothermal heating only heat pump

EWH-H HE GEO is a geothermal heat pump, for heating only, for indoor installation.

Ewh-H/STD (standard version):
Single unit mounted on powder painted galvanised steel bearing structures. Scroll compressor with crankcase resistance, brazed plate evaporator and condenser. The cooling circuit has a dehydration filter and liquid/ humidity indicator. Microprocessor regulation controlss all the working parameters and active components in the circuit. General isolation switch with door blocking device.

Ewh-H/AP (with storage tank and pump):
Fitted like the basic version, but with 1 circulation unit or axial pump fitted, water storage tank, expansion tank, safety valve, flow switch.