Cooling capacity

kW 39.5 ÷ 173.5
  • Adaptable to every use
  • Wide range of accessories
  • R410A multiscroll unit
  • Acoustically isolated
  • Attention to the sizing and selection of the components

High efficiency air cooled chillers

The Galaxy EC units have been designed according to Erp Directive 2009/125/CE and meet the related seasonal efficiency levels requested by the rule. The compactness and the presence of a wide range of equipments and accessories, allow the use of the Galaxy units in any plant environment. Thanks to the construction solutions adopted, installation and maintenance activities are particularly facilitated allowing saving time and money to the installation personnel.

In this regards, great attention has been payed on the components design. A multistep capacity control (from 2 to 6 according to the models) allows the part load performance increasing. High efficiency air cooled water chillers.

All standard models have the compressors assembled into a soundproofed compartment separated from the fan section. All units, included all the different versions Std / LN / SLN / FC can be equipped with a several accessories which allow the adaptability to various needs of plant character.

The units are mounted on selfsupporting frame galvanised steel made complete with removable panelling, entirely painted with stove-dried polyester powder colour RAL 9018.
Hermetic Scroll COMPRESSOR of a leading brand particularly suitable for applications in air-conditioning able to ensure high efficiency and, at the same time, limited levels of noise and vibrations.

The ventilation section composed of EC fan / electronic motors with high-efficiency permanent magnets brushless motors.

The electric panel fully wired inside a sealed, steel box, made in compliance with the strictest European legislation. The controls are made by a microprocessor unit in combination with the safety devices fitted on the unit or externally connected.