Cooling capacity

kW 41.8 -183
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low noise level
  • Load-bearing and robust structure
  • Available in a MCS or SUPERSILENT (MCL) version

Air cooled condensing units

The GALAXY EC MCS/MCL is an Air cooled condensing unit for outdoor installation complete with microprocessoor control device. Packaged unit assembled in a polyester powder painted galvanised steel frame.

Scroll compressors R410A. Condensing coil with copper pipes mechanically expanded into aluminium fins. Axial fan with rotating stator blades.

The use of EC fans with a brushless motor, and the appropriate rotation speed control, according to the environmental conditions in which the unit operates, optimize the average seasonal efficiency and reduce considerably the noise emissions, particurarly when operating at partial loads, that is the condition in which the units mainly operate.

Refrigeration circuit complete with filter drier and liquid/moisture indicator. Microprocessor regulation to control all the working parameters and active components in the circuit. Fan speed control (by temp. sensor) and condensing coil protection grills supplied as standard. The standard units are equipped with a control panel assembled into steel box and wired. It includes a microprocessor control device which control the compressor working according to a free voltage signal coming from any control device locatec into the room (p.e room thermostat or duct thermostat). The microprocessor devices manages all the inputs coming from the safety devices on board and the compressor timing. A display screen shows the compressor status and the alarm code when arised. Available versions: MCS and MCL.

The MCL version provides for the use of capacitors with an increased exchange surface, lower fan rotation speed and sound-insulated compressor section.