Cooling capacity

kW 4,8 ÷ 35,6

Heating capacity

kW 6,3 ÷ 44,3
  • High-efficiency heat pump
  • Compact machine
  • Genius DHW production system
  • Complete with circulation pumps
  • Easy installation

Reversible well water heat pump DHW production

Mamy is a compact heat pump able to provide the buildings air conditioning and, contemporary, the tap water heating. According to the demands, Mamy can be used to heat the water stored into the tap water vessel or to heat the buffer tank which can be used as an “heating lung” to supply high temperature heating elements and to provide the domestic hot water.

Mamy is equipped with the proved “Genius control system” developed and patented by COM40. Genius is the brain of the system which automatically manages the plumbing demands. The user can choose between the following operation modes:

  • rooms heating and domestic hot water – winter mode
  • rooms cooling and domestic hot water – summer mode
  • domestic hot water only – medium seasons mode

The heat pump Mamy employ natural energies as the water or the ground source for the geothermic version.

Well water cooled model
These units exchanges the heat by means of well water or layer water. This system reduces the dimensions of the unit and allow easy indoor installations.
Also the consumption is highly reduced if compared to the traditional devices.