Cooling capacity

kW 41 ÷ 176
  • Close attention to the sizing and selection of the components
  • High energy efficiency
  • Application in any plant environment
  • Easy installation and mantainance
  • Optimized performance at partial loads
  • Low noise level

High efficiency air cooled chillers

The Galaxy HE units have been designed according to Erp Directive 2009/125/CE and meet the related seasonal efficiency levels requested by the rule. In this regards, great attention has been payed on the components design.

All units are equipped with scroll compressors, with refrigerant R410A and are designed for optimal energy efficiency, particularly high operating at partial loads.

The compactness and the presence of an extensive range of equipments and accessories, allow the use of the Galaxy HE units in any plant environment.

Thanks to the adopted construction solutions, the installation and mantainance activities are particularly facilitated, allowing time and money saving to the installation personnel.

A multistep capacity control (from 2 to 6 according to the models) allows the part load performance increasing.

All standard models have the compressors assembled into a soundproofed compartment separated from the fan section.

The noise emission is very low and it is in compliance with the required normal standard.

The use of EC fans with a permanent magnets motor, and the appropriate rotation speed control, according to the environmental conditions in which the unit operates, optimize the average seasonal efficiency and reduce considerably the noise emissions, particurarly when operating at partial loads, that is the condition in which the units mainly operate.