Cooling capacity

kW 15 ÷ 43 (A35/W7)

Heating capacity

kW 27 (A7/W35*)
  • Works up to a temperature of -20 °C
  • Ideal for DHW: +60°C
  • COP 4.1*
  • Low noise level
  • EVI technology
  • Standard EC fan
  • Up to 4 more units can be connected in a cascade fashion
  • Innovative sliding defrost function
  • Coil with a hydrophilic coating

Modular reversible air to water heat pump

The KETTY unit has been designed for use in both the residential and service sectors; it can be installed in either new buildings or those being renovated. It uses the E.V.I. (Enhanced Vapour Injection) technology, which significantly extends the operating limits of the appliance.The unit’s “Heating” function has been designed to work in bitterly cold external air temperatures (up to -20 °C) whilst heating the water to a high temperature (max. 60 °C).

Its high working range makes KETTY the perfect solution for both low-temperature systems (e.g. radiant panels) and high-temperature ones (e.g. radiators) in new buildings or those being redeveloped.

The available KITS can be used to produce domestic hot water during winter and summer so that no additional heat sources need to be installed.

The KETTY units have been developed with a “modular logic” in order to meet a wide range of heating and cooling performances.

Multiple basic modules (4 max.) can be connected to the unit in order to expand its potential applications.

The modules have been designed so that they can be easily installed and interconnected via the kit that is supplied. The modular logic makes the increase of the system’s power after the initial installation much easier.

The electronic control system intelligently coordinates the various units to ensure continuous operation and maintain high efficiency.