Cooling capacity

kW 10,7 ÷ 36,2

Heating capacity

kW 13,5 ÷ 43,9
  • High-efficiency heat pump
  • Compact machine
  • Optional DHW production
  • Load-bearing and robust structure
  • Low noise level

Reversible heat pump with standard pump

EPPY is a reversible high efficiency water to water heat pump, sized for use in residential and tertiary application, which allows the building air conditioning and domestic hot water heating.

Eppy is commonly used in combination with a domestic water vessel which is heated with hot water priority logic at any time of year, at a different temperature set than the temperature set of the water feeding the air conditiong system.

The d.h.w. management priorities belongs to the control of a three-way valve supplied as accessory, factory asembled.

The units are equipped with Class A water pumps, water flow safety devices and safety valves (3 Bar).Models 031-041-051-061 are also equipped with expansion vessels.

The heat pump Eppy employ natural energies as the water or the ground source for the geothermic version. These units exchanges the heat by means of well water or layer water.
This system reduces the dimensions of the unit and allow easy indoor installations. Also the consumption is highly reduced if compared to the traditional devices.

Eppy is electric supplied. It do not use fossil fuels, it do not produce pollution and it do not need chimney. The totally sealed refrigerant system do not need any maintenance, which are indispensable on the traditional heating systems using boilers. No fossil fuels means no safety problems with higher environmental safety levels.

Eppy is the heating and cooling “generator” to which the room heating and cooling elements have to be connected. The system assembling time and costs are extremely reduced because Eppy includes many parts which, normally, belong to the plumbing. All the cover panels can be easily removed to allow the access inside and let the maintenance easy.