Cooling capacity

kW 15 ÷ 43 (A35/W7)
  • High efficiency
  • For applications in residential and commercial areas
  • Low noise level
  • Adaptable to various needs

High efficiency air cooled liquid chillers

The HYDRA HE are high efficiency air cooled water chillers, for outdoor installations for applications in residential and commercial areas. Every unit is designed for high energy efficiency, is provided with scroll compressors and the refrigerant used is R410A.
The compactness and the presence of a wide range of equipments and accessories, allow the use of the HYDRA HE units in any plant environment.

Thanks to the adopted construction solutions, the installation and mantainance activities are particularly falitated, allowing time and money saving to the installation personnel.

In every model of the series, the compressor is installed in a space which is acoustically isolated and the fans used are variable speed and high efficiency. The noise level is low and absolutely compatible with the standards generally requested. Pack-type, finned cooling condensers made of expanded copper tubes in an aluminum finned pack and frame supporting the galvanized steel exchanger.

Provided with VICTAULIC® water fittings for easy connection to the user’s plant.

Ventilating section consisting of helical fan(s) with blades and motor with direct, rotating stator coupling.

The ventilator is installed on a suitably-shaped nozzle to provide the best airhydraulic performance and is equipped with an safety grill made of painted galvanized steel.