Cooling capacity

kW 39,5 ÷ 173,5
  • Low seasonal power consumption solution
  • High efficiency at partial loads
  • Low noise level
  • Robust and well-finished metalwork
  • R410A Multiscroll unit
  • Optional internal hydronic kit
  • Available in a STD or SUPER SILENT (SLN) version
  • Standard RS485 card
  • Wide range of accessories (optional)

High efficiency air cooled Free Cooling chillers

The GALAXY FC is a high efficiency air cooled water chillers, for outdoor installations with scroll compressors.Available in a wide range of models with multi-compressor and cooling capacity 40 up to 180 kW. All units are equipped with scroll compressors, with refrigerant R410A and are designed for optimal energy efficiency, particularly high operating at partial loads.

The compactness and the presence of a wide range of equipments and accessories, allow the use of the GALAXY units in any plant environment. Thanks to the adopted construction solutions, the installation and mantainance activities are particularly falitated, allowing time and money saving to the installation personnel.

In situations where chilled water is required during periods of low external temperatures, the GALAXY chillers can be integrated with the “Free Cooling Kit”.

This device use the external air for direct cooling of the medium and enables considerable savings of electrical energy. Free Cooling Kit consists of the following main elements which integrate the equipments already present in the standard GALAXY unit:

• air to water finned coils;
• three-way valve for automatic switching of the medium to be cooled;
• Electronic control with dedicated functions and outside air temperature sensor.

The use of free cooling system involves mixing the water to be cooled with antifreeze fluids. The performance data provided in this document refer to the use of ethylene glycol at 30%. Please refer to the table below to check the correct concentration, based on the minimum outdoor air Temperature at the site of installation.